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James Brown - Timeless Classic Albums - 5 CD

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DOL - James Brown - Timeless Classic Albums - 5 CD

Género Funk
Edición CD
EAN 0889397000332
Tracks Please, Please, Please 2:46Chonnie-On-Chon 2:10Hold My Baby's Hand 2:14I Feel That Old Feeling Coming On 2:29Just Won't Do Right 2:35Baby Cries Over the Ocean 2:20I Don't Know 2:43Tell Me What I Did Wrong 2:18Try Me 2:32That Dood It 2:26Begging, Begging 2:52I Walked Alone 2:39No, No, No, No 2:12That's When I Lost My Heart 2:46Let's Make It 2:22Love or a Game 2:15There Must Be a Reason 2:28I Want You So Bad 2:47Why Do You Do Me Bobby Byrd, Sylvester Keels 3:01Got to Cry 2:37Strange Things Happen Roy Hawkins 2:10Fine Old Foxy Self 2:10Messing With The Blues Floyd Hunt 2:12Try Me (I Need You) 2:33It Was You 2:45I've Got to Change 2:27Can't Be The Same 2:21It Hurts to Tell You James Brown, Albert Shubert (Andy Gibson) 2:54I Won't Plead No More Bobby Byrd, Sylvester Keels 2:28You're Mine, You're Mine James Brown, Nafloyd Scott 2:33Gonna Try 2:46Don't Let It Happen To Me 2:51Think 2:54Good Good Lovin' 2:16Wonder When You're Comin Home 2:38I'll Go Crazy 2:13This Old Heart 2:15I Know It's True 2:47Bewildered 2:26I'll Never Let You Go 2:25You've Got the Power 2:26If You Want Me 2:29Baby You're Right 3:10So Long 2:49I'll Go Crazy 3:53Try Me 2:14Think 1:57I Don't Mind 2:40Lost Someone 10:54Please Please Please 0:27You've Got the Power 0:11I Found Someone 0:38Why You Do Me 0:25I Want You So Bad 0:23I Love You Yes I Do 1:42Why Does Everything Happend to Me 1:17Bewildered 0:50Please Please Please #2 0:30Night Train, ClosingPrisoner of Love 2:24Waiting in Vain 2:47Again 2:35Lost Someone 3:25Bewildered 2:29So Long 2:48Signed, Sealed, Delivered, Im Yours 2:45Try Me 2:32(Can You) Feel It, Part 1 2:57How Long Darling 2:55The Thing in "G" 6:08
Título James Brown - Timeless Classic Albums - 5 CD
Sello DOL
Fecha de lanzamiento 24-Nov-2017
Número de discos 5
Caract. especiales Timeless Classic Albums (5 CD)
Contenido 5 CD
Formato de almacenamiento CD
Año de producción 3-Nov-17
Artista James Brown
ID Producto 1381968
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